AXCC American Cross Country Championship
AXCC American Cross Country Championship

FAQs & Race Info:

Friday: 8am – 11pm, Saturday: 6am - 11pm, Sunday: 6am

Friday: 3pm – 8pm
Saturday: 7am – 2:00pm with preference given to the 8:00am Youth Race participants, & 4pm – 8pm
Sunday: 7am – 12:00pm with preference given to the 8:00am Youth Race participants.
*Cut-off is 1-hour before race time!
**Pre-Registration closes Wednesday of race week at 9pm

Friday: 6pm – 8pm
Saturday: 7am – 2pm & 4pm - 8pm
Sunday 7am - 12:00pm

Saturday ATVs:

8am Mini ATV (30 Minute race)
9am Youth ATV (1-hour race)
11:30am Am ATV (2-hour race)
3pm Pro ATV (2-hour race)

Sunday UTVs:
8am Mini UTV (30 minute race)
9am Youth UTV (30 minute race)
10:30am Am UTV (75 minute race)
1pm Pro UTV (90 minute race)

Is Recreational or Pit Riding allowed at the Races?
No. Pit riding is not allowed. The Events/Parks/Tracks are closed to recreational riding during the AXCC race weekends for your safety.

Can you race both AM and PM Sessions?
No. ATV & UTV racers may only race AM or PM, not both. For 2019, UTV Racers are allowed to co-pilot in the other Session if they wish.

Who can race in the Pro classes?
For 2019, new Pro & Pro-Am racers must submit credentials/references to race Pro & Pro-Am ATV or UTV. For 2020+, it will be based on Overalls from the prior year.

What is the "Age-Up" rule for Youth ATV Classes?
Youth Racers may "age-up" and race the older age group class for the entire season, if they will turn the correct age that year. *Except 4 year olds. **May not return to younger class. EX: 12 year old rider may race the 13+ Class starting Round 1 of 2019, if he turns 13 before December 31st 2019.

What is the difference between Stock, Limited, Production and Hybrid?
Stock is an unmodified OEM machine.
Limited is stock OEM with a few mods allowed per the Rules.
Production is factory OEM with any mods.
Hybrid is non-factory custom built with any mods.


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